About Us

About our company

Cardos Automation System Sdn. Bhd. (CARDOS) was incorpotated in Malaysia on October 4, 1991. Prior to its incorporation, the company has been in operation under a partnership for more than ten years in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

As a specialist in system integration, we are capable of providing overall turnkey solutions. From our first project dated back in 1987, to whom and what we are today, the journey had been touch, but CARDOS managed to grow and expand despite all obstacles. We are the pioneer in the introduction of many 1st generation integrated systems and solutions. Even during the Asian meltdown in 1997, we continued to grow, partnering with MNCs in many multi-million dollar projects in the manufacturing sector.

Today, CARDOS has proven itself to be reliable and committed towards all the products and services it provides. Standing proudly with us is an impressive list of international partners and clients.

CARDOS is currently moving and growing in the direction of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), providing customized solutions and development of our very own brand of products. We have many great plans for the future and see ourselves growing everyday.

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