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Cardos aim to provide world class IT solution through lowest cost of ownership and highest ROI by bring the total value chain together in a real time borderless enviroment

Total Productive Maintenance

Monitor, Control, Analyse and Predict all your machine’s maintenance activities to improve equipment effectiveness.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

System and devices that enables the transfer of data among objects and people automatically without human intervention.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbon

DNP’s Wax, Wax/Resin and Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon that cater every printing needs.

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Corrective Action Request Engine (CARE)

A borderless access system, which enable individuals to across multiple industries for tracking and improving product quality and maintaining the necessary information for process audits.

MES for SMT Line

Interfacing with Panasert SMT marchine with Component Loading Verification System, Total Productive Maintenance System, Lot Tracking System

Air Jet Loom Mornitoring

Capturing signal triggering at high speed(150km/h), automatically captures, machine downtime criteria without human intervention. Able to withstand harsh enviroments where normal PC could not survive.

Lot Tracking System

Lot traceability for each PCB board details (including each part used for each board, lot number, part’s supplier details and etc.) in reporting form.

Data Collection System

This system was developed to address the complex needs of today's data capturing environment with optimal accuracy, flexibility in integration and simplicity in deployment.

Tester Utilization Tracking

Capturing 8 sites per cycle and calculating test cycles at the accuracy of 1/100 second, this sytem provides tester utilization and yields information for major testers.
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Cardos doesn't just provide the below services to our customers. If you have an idea, talk to us to and let us help you turn your idea into a reality.


Software R&D, Cloud-base pay-per-service, End-to-end web solution


Hardware R&D, Thermal Transfer Ribbon Consultation, Thermal printer Consultation

Project Deployment

Web Development, Mobile App Development, Industrial System Development, E-commerce System Development

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