Internet of Things

Cardos provides customised IoT solutions on software and hardware to customers


Real time monitoring of sensor devices, smart devices, gateways, applications and highly dynamic cloud environments.


Collect and analyse diverse IoT data. System will turn this IoT data into useful information that are able to help you improve or resolve problems.


IoT automation offers great amount of control in production. Achieve higher efficiency with the help of IoT sensors and AI technology.

Features in Internet of Things

Digitally Connected Factory

IoT enabled machine can transmit operational information to the partners like original equipment manufacturers and to field engineers. This will enable operation managers and factory heads to remotely manage the factory units and take advantage of process automation and optimisation.

Facility Management

The use of IoT sensors in manufacturing equipment enables condition-based maintenance alerts. It can actively monitor machines and send an alert when the equipment deviates from its prescribed parameters. Manufacturers can conserve energy, reduce costs, eliminate machine downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Production Flow Monitoring

IoT in manufacturing can enable the monitoring of production lines starting from the refining process down to the packaging of final products. This complete monitoring of the process in real-time provides scope to recommend adjustments in operations for better management of operational cost.

Inventory Management

This provides cross-channel visibility into inventories and managers are provided with realistic estimates of the available material, work in progress and estimated the arrival time of new materials. Ultimately this optimises supply and reduces shared costs in the value chain.

Quality Control

IoT sensors collects product data from various stages of a product cycle like raw materials used, temperature, working environment and etc. All of these inputs can later be analysed to identify and correct quality issues.

Packaging Optimisation

By using IoT sensors in products and/or packaging, manufacturers can gain insights into the usage patterns and handling of product from multiple customers. This will offer insights that can be used to re-engineer products and packaging for better performance in both customer experience and cost of packaging.