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Shop Floor Control
Monitoring System
HR Management System

Corrective Action Request Engine (CARE)

A borderless access system, which enable individuals to across multiple industries for tracking and improving product quality and maintaining the necessary information for process audits.

MES for SMT Line

Interfacing with Panasert SMT marchine with Component Loading Verification System, Total Productive Maintenance System, Lot Tracking System

Air Jet Loom Mornitoring

Capturing signal triggering at high speed(150km/h), automatically captures, machine downtime criteria without human intervention. Able to withstand harsh enviroments where normal PC could not survive.

Pedestrian Shuttle Control System

Control & Monitor the flow of personnel securely, employee attendance is recorded electonically with entrance and exit shuttle system.

Data Collection System

This system was developed to address the complex needs of today's data capturing environment with optimal accuracy, flexibility in integration and simplicity in deployment.

Tester Utilization Tracking

Capturing 8 sites per cycle and calculating test cycles at the accuracy of 1/100 second, this sytem provides tester utilization and yields information for major testers.

Warehouse Control System

An integration solution, complete with software and hardware for warehouse management, ensures proper inventory control, easy tracking, and efficient operation.

Lot Tracking System

Lot traceability for each PCB board details (including each part used for each board, lot number, part’s supplier details and etc.) in reporting form.

Cloud Enabled System

Cater the new needs and industrial demands for the real-time and borderless environments in applications with lower cost of ownership and higher return on investments.

Entrepod Data Collection System

A system developed to address the complex needs of today's data capturing environment with optimal accuracy, flexibility in integration and simplicity in deployment.

Entrepod Web Server

Entrepod Web Server allows any complex web enabled applications to be deployed on platform independent environments through Internet ready devices.

Time Attendance System

Replacing the conventional time attendance systems, the electronic online terminal allows data to be viewed and manipulated for attendance and payroll processing.

Facial Recognition System

Facial recognition system that can be implemented into various system like attendance, log in/out system and etc.

E-Leave & E-Overtime

Part of EHRMS or a stand-alone application designed to capture and process information on Man-hour Utilisation.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System tracks non-employees (visitors, contractors, interviewee) flow of a building or site.

Oxygen Monitoring System

This system automatically monitors oxygen level in chambers and notify users when there is any drop or increase of oxygen level.

Display System

Customisable display for any application or system., you can choose from a variety of UI that fit your system best.

Notification System

Receive important update from your application or system with interactive notification system. We provide SMS, Social Messaging App, Email, System and Smartwatch notification.


POS system that help retailers to automate and run their entire business on a single platform. This effectively improves time and resources utilisation, reduces operating costs, and increase business productivity.

Oven Monitoring System

Monitor temperature in the oven and determine the optimal burn in time for the products. Notify user when there is any error in oven or magnetic door lock.

Info Kiosk

Kiosk system that provides information or applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education.

Price Verifier

An online price verification terminal for the use in retail outlets and departmental stores to reduce the tedious price tagging process.


A TCP/IP network MP3 device that play digital audio stream from a PC for commercial application.

Synchronised Clocks

A TCP/IP network based digital panel of 16 character LED that offers accurate time keeping.

Online warranty system

Warranty systems that are able to capture informations of product and provide value of refund based on information gathered.

Smart E-Parking System

System will direct drivers to a vacant parking lot in real time and if parking in the area is full, the system will suggest the nearest alternatives in that area.

Automated guided vehicle system

System automatically judge whether a student has pass/fail the driving exam. The system will judge every test criteria of every section in real time.